What do you mean God speaks?

S4 Prologue: They were born in the desert

December 25, 2023 Paul Seungoh Chung Season 4 Episode 1
What do you mean God speaks?
S4 Prologue: They were born in the desert
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 Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

To celebrate(?), here is the trailer for Season 4 of "What do you mean, God speaks?"

God awaits in the desert

The prologue,  "They were born in the desert"

Music : "Exodus" by Tenacious Orchestra - Licensed from PremiumBeat.com


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They were born in the desert.

[ Music ] 


But, before that, they lived here,

In this mighty empire,

In this land of abundance, 


They were born from those who spoke with God,

They were raised by those who wrestled with God


Yet, they are slaves, outcasts, misfits, and foreigners,

At home here, in this abundant, opulent prison



by power and injustice,


in riches and wealth


But, quietly a small fire burns,   

A fire that will not go out

The fire of God

(That spoke with them)


Then a man came from the desert

Carrying the fire, carrying the words

And the world began to change


The fire that sets time ablaze,

The word that forms every world

Calls them to the desert,


To leave their home and prison,

Cast off their chains that shield them

To a land no feet has tread


But, the empire and their home, 

refuses and holds them fast, 


So, the world begins to shake

Life begins to bleed

Nature begins to rage,

Riches unravel, abundance withers


Relentlessly, the voice speaks 

You are called to the desert

The world will not be as it should be,

Until you heed this call


The empire groans

Its gods turn away

Sky burns, Day darkens,

Every power fails


And marked by blood,

You are called by the fire,


 Through the howling winds,

Past the parting waters

Toward a bare, burning mountain,

Into the desert


To a land where there is nothing

No water, no life, (no power, no home,)

No sign, no marker, no path

Barren, terrible emptiness


With only that distant fire, burning

Unfolding time, speaking the world


And waiting


In the desert


your God awaits


You will be born here, 

A nation unlike any other 

(That has come before)


A people 
to God

In the desert

 [ music / ]

What do you mean God speaks

Season Four: 

God awaits… in the desert